Sweater Weather Candle

A smooth, warm scent that smells like a comfy sweater feels. Yes, please.


Cider ’N Chill Candle

Netflix 'n chill? We prefer to sip a hot mug of apple cider and chill. Sweet apple and spicy cinnamon pair perfectly with a little binge watching of your favorite show.


Wild Flower Candle

A strong, vibrant blend of floral with light hints of coconut and citrus. It’s like giving someone the lovely scent of flowers without the wilt.


Make Love Not War Candle

A fragrance that embodies the belief that love can conquer all.


Don’t Kill My Vibe Candle

A sweet, smooth and salty blend.

Notes of jasmine, wood, sweet cream, and sea salt that remind you not to let anyone get you salty or kill your vibe!

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