Don’t Kill My Vibe Candle

A sweet, smooth and salty blend.

Notes of jasmine, wood, sweet cream, and sea salt that remind you not to let anyone get you salty or kill your vibe!


Mulled Wine Holiday Candle

We think this scent will help you get through any impossible holiday party you find yourself attending.


Sweater Weather Candle

A smooth, warm scent that smells like a comfy sweater feels. Yes, please.


Make Love Not War Candle

A fragrance that embodies the belief that love can conquer all.


Cider ’N Chill Candle

Netflix 'n chill? We prefer to sip a hot mug of apple cider and chill. Sweet apple and spicy cinnamon pair perfectly with a little binge watching of your favorite show.


Wild Flower Candle

A strong, vibrant blend of floral with light hints of coconut and citrus. It’s like giving someone the lovely scent of flowers without the wilt.

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